Legion of Plastic is a toy-photo-based webcomic. Strips rage from gag-a-day to short storylines.

I, Arazyr, have been wanting to do something like this for years. (Decades, even.) I started once, back in the early days of my web life, but didn’t go very far with it. My first attempt, “Action Figure Funnies”, started back in the days before common digital cameras, so trying to take pictures, get them printed at a lab, and scan them every time got prohibitively complicated, so I only ever made three strips. I plan to rework them and include them here at some point.

I started out with a storyline based on an idea I had relatively recently. I hope people at least find it amusing.

I started out posting strips once a day, in the evenings. After the first storyline, I am switched to a slower, MWF update schedule.

I tried to put the strip on a “one story per week” update schedule. (Basically, there woululd be one strip each Monday. If it’s a one-shot, then that’s the only strip for that week. If it’s part of an ongoing storyline, then the storyline will continue MWF until it’s done. If it lasts more than one week, it will continue the next week, but will count as the “one story” for that week.) For a while here, I was using strip ideas much faster than I was coming up with them. This idea was supposed to slow down idea usage, so that maybe I could start to keep up. But, it didn’t help, and I ended up going on a two-plus-year unintentional hiatus.

Currently the strip is on a very strict “whenever the heck I get around to it” schedule. Not very good for attracting regular readers, I know. But it’s about all I seem to be able to stick to. 8^)