Some of the revelations in this strip are likely things that Transformers fans already know. It’s just still a surprise to at least some of the characters.

Oh, and I know I’m being a bit inconsistent with the character tags below. All the actual Waspinators are being lumped in one, while Buzz Saw, Buzzsaw, and Thrust are listed separately. I just haven’t quite made a final decision on how I want to tag the hive mind Waspinator yet. I may go back through all of these and separate the Waspinators, or I may take out the separate tags for the other names. Still thinking about that.

One thing I will say about character tags is this: I am planning to start posting Character pages, that will be linked to from the Character Tag listings. Waspinator’s character page should help in sorting out which Waspinator is which. I’m also planning a few “Who’s Who” strips at the end of this storyline, so stay tuned!

Edit 2020-07-08: When revamping the site, I decided to tag each Waspinator separately after all. I still haven’t done the Character pages, or “Who’s Who” strips yet, but still plan to.