Hi folks,

Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for a couple months. I’m back, and hoping to bring plastic-based mirth and mayhem to you again on a semi-regular basis again going forward.

The last few weeks have been kind-of crazy. House had a relatively major plumbing issue, and I fell off the comic-making wagon hard. Then work got extra busy. Just finished my “winter/holiday break”, and finally made some time to finish the last strip of this storyline.

I am going to make one modification to the update schedule going forward, though. I am putting the comic on a “one story per week” update schedule. Basically, there will be one strip each Monday. If it’s a one-shot, then that’s the only strip for that week. If it’s part of an ongoing storyline, then the storyline will continue MWF until it’s done. If it lasts more than one week, it will continue the next week, but will count as the “one story” for that week. I’m doing this because for a while here, I was using strip ideas much faster than I was coming up with them. This should slow down idea usage, and maybe I can start to keep up. 8^)