Just in time for the strip’s third annivers… Wait, it’s been THAT LONG?!? I’ve been on unannounced hiatus for TWO-AND-A-HALF-YEARS!?!?

Wow, sorry about that folks. I originally thought the previous strip would get me back on track, but clearly it didn’t. I am a bit more confident that I will be able to keep up with the strip now. For a little while, at least. I have a number of scripts written out, and I actually have the free time to take pictures and edit them together. Read: I’m unemployed right now.

I am, however, changing the update schedule to help me stick to it. I’m putting the comic on a very strict “whenever the heck I get around to it” update schedule. Not the best for attracting regular readers, I know. But I’ll make sure to make an announcement on Facebook and Twitter (and any other social media I make accounts for the comic on after this writing) whenever a new strip goes up. So, follow/like (links in the sidebar) to stay updated.

Last but not least, my youngest daughter helped with some of the photography and proofreading on this strip. (It warms my nerdy little heart just how much she’s gotten into this comic. 8^)

Edit 2020-07-23: I reorganized the strip a bit, so that the flow is more like I originally envisioned it.